Upcoming events

Venue: Campus North.
Time: Meetings start 6:00pm and finish around 7:30pm.

Date Speakers Topics Venue Sign-up
09-Apr-18 Joy Mckenny Using R to Understand Sewer Network Performance Campus North meetup.com
- Colin Gillespie 20 Years of CRAN -
11-Jun-18 Campus North
13-Aug-18 Campus North
08-Oct-18 Campus North
10-Dec-18 Campus North

Past events

Date Speakers Topics Venue
11-Dec-17 Richard Perry Using R for Life Improvement Campus North
- Theo Roe An Intro to Timing in R -
09-Oct-17 Theo Roe The trouble with tibbles Campus North
09-Oct-17 Robin Lovelace Spatial data and R Campus North
26-Jun-17 Steph Locke Data + Docker = Discombobulating? (abstract) Room G17, Armstrong building
26-Jun-17 Steph Locke Introduction to R (9am to 5:30pm) Room G17, Armstrong building
12-Jun-17 Roman Popat Automated detection of potholes using R (abstract) Campus North
10-Apr-17 Matt Bashton Shiny based brain tumour classifier Campus North
~ Gholamreza Rafiee Practical subgrouping
12-Dec-16 Tim Brock & Rosie Hamilton Assignments, Twitter mining and sentiment analysis Campus North
10-Oct-16 Siddhant Baviskar 1 year Birthday party Campus North
12-Sep-16 Colin Gillespie Optimising R and Benchmarkme package Campus North
15-Aug-16 Lean Coffee Discussion Campus North
11-Jul-16 Lean Coffee Discussion Campus North
09-May-16 Tim Brock Introduction to Grid Graphics Campus North
11-Apr-16 The apply family of functions Campus North
14-Mar-16 Mapping Campus North
08-Feb-16 Behrooz Mirmolavi Mapping, rgdal and leaflet packages Campus North
11-Jan-16 Dennis Prangle Jupyter and lightning talks Campus North
14-Dec-15 Campus North
09-Nov-15 First meet up Campus North